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Email Marketing Tips!


We all know that one tactic that is imperative to keeping in touch with your sphere of influence is an email drip campaign. When someone reads the right marketing email at the perfect time, you’re pretty much guaranteed that business. It’s all about staying in front of people and letting them know that you’re out there and ready to help them with their transaction.

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The biggest issue that people run into with their marketing emails is how to get people to read them. The last thing you want is for people to permanently put you in their spam folder. You CAN see success through email marketing. You just have to know how to make sure your emails really stand out. Here is how you can do that:

Start with the subject. Emails with “NEW LISTING” in the subject line are bound to be deleted unopened unless someone is seriously searching for a home. The same goes with hokey-sounding subjects such as “What can a seller’s agent do for YOU?” The key to a stellar email subject leaves the reader wanting more. You have to entice them into opening the email. That’s the first step.

With that being said, your subject line should be a little bit intriguing and mysterious. For example, if you’re sending out a marketing email showcasing some of your testimonials, you should make the subject “The Dirt on Me” or “What do my clients REALLY think?” Both of these are a bit more enticing than “Allie Agent Sees Success. Just Ask Her Clients!”

Make the emails short and sweet. Nothing is more of a deterrent to opening an email than seeing one that is 12 paragraphs long. We know you have a lot to say, but people’s attention spans don’t respond well to lengthy and verbose emails. Keep it down to a paragraph or two to ensure that people read the content.


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ALWAYS offer something of value. The key is not to offer something everyone else does. Most agents offer a complimentary CMA (comparative market analysis). Having that advertised in your email is not something that is new, different or unique. Instead, focus on the things you offer that are different.

Do you have a moving truck available for your clients’ use? Let people know that in an email about moving tips. Do you have informative videos online about your community? Link to your YouTube channel in an email talking about the importance of location when looking for a home. These are the items that will make you stand out as an agent within your emails.

Use a customized template. Use a professional, branded template to send all of your marketing emails. This will allow people to easily click through and access your website each time you correspond with them, and the professional look will make you stand out from agents who just send a generic, non-HTML-formatted email. We know not everyone uses email clients that show HTML, but the ones who do have it will be wowed by your professional looking emails.

There you have it. These are the insider secrets on making your marketing emails stand out. Just remember: The more creative and outside of the box your thinking, the better your emails will be remembered.


About reinhartsouth

2008 wasn’t the best time to open a new office, but the Charles Reinhart Company looked to expansion as the way to ensure the future. Reinhart South, now located on the corner of State Street and Eisenhower Boulevard in Ann Arbor, opened January 7, 2008 in a small office on Washtenaw Avenue. Facing the bleakest economic situation since the great depression, Manager Dawn Foerg began the process of recruiting top real estate talent to the company. One agent at a time, South grew. By early 2009, 15 agents called the South office home. Still fighting the economic crises, the office grew to more than 40 licensed Realtors by the end of 2010. Today, South is among the five top producing offices in Ann Arbor.
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