Making the Cut | The Strategy Behind All of Those Apps

From by Katie Lance

Is your phone cluttered? Do you have apps on there that you downloaded once or twice but never really used?

No doubt there are thousands of apps available to download in the app store, but as a real estate agent, should you really be downloading every new app? I know it’s tempting, but after just purging a ton of apps – I encourage you to take a hard look at your phone and look at the strategy behind the apps you have downloaded. Are they useful for your business?

I recommend (if your phone allows you to do this) – to put your apps into folders to make them easy to find and then try to limit your apps in folders to one to two screens at max. There comes a point when you have so many apps – you simply can not find what you are looking for!

So which ones on my phone made the cut? Here are my top 7 I use almost everyday!

  1. DropBox. I have all of my photos from my phone sync right to DropBox for peace of mind and I can always access any documents I need at the click of a button.
  2. Evernote. This app keeps me organized on the go. It’s my go-to place to take notes, or to write something down so I don’t forget – whether they are critical notes for my business or they are articles I want to read later.
  3. Facebook Pages. I can’t imagine running a Facebook Business Page (or more than one) and not having this app. Easy to use and it makes it super simple to look at your activity and engage with people on your page.
  4. HootSuite. I use HootSuite daily to manage my Twitter stream. I have multiple lists I look at on a daily basis – lists of news sources, clients, and people I want to make sure I connect with. I love the scheduling feature because if I find 2 or 3 great articles that I don’t want to share immediately, I can schedule them to post later in the day.
  5. Cards. This is an iOS app only – but I love it. It allows you to send a physical card in the mail. It has a beautiful template and functionality and the finished product is beautiful. Great for quick thank you notes!
  6. Voxer. This is by far one of my favorite apps for keeping in touch with people closest to me. The “walkie-talking” style lets you leave quick voice messages and even chat in real time. You can also send text and photos – it’s a great communication tool!
  7. Foursquare. I find Foursquare is a great way to connect with people on a smaller platform. It’s an easy way to talk about your business without actually talking about it in a pushy way. I also love Foursquare for any industry events I attend.
I have many more that still made the cut like Zillow,, Trulia, DocuSign Ink, Instagram, Facebook and QuickBooks.

About reinhartsouth

2008 wasn’t the best time to open a new office, but the Charles Reinhart Company looked to expansion as the way to ensure the future. Reinhart South, now located on the corner of State Street and Eisenhower Boulevard in Ann Arbor, opened January 7, 2008 in a small office on Washtenaw Avenue. Facing the bleakest economic situation since the great depression, Manager Dawn Foerg began the process of recruiting top real estate talent to the company. One agent at a time, South grew. By early 2009, 15 agents called the South office home. Still fighting the economic crises, the office grew to more than 40 licensed Realtors by the end of 2010. Today, South is among the five top producing offices in Ann Arbor.
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